Monroe Woodbury Roller Hockey League

2019 Spring Youth Roller Hockey Registration



Welcome to the 2019 Roller Hockey Spring Youth Registration Session with Monroe Roller Hockey League.

Please note, you must first be signed into our website before you can register the kids, see bottom of this page for details!

This registration will allow you to provide contact information, sign consents and submit payment.  Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately.  To complete registration through our secure site, please have your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or checking account information available.

Attention: All players registering for the 2019 Spring Season will also have to be USARS insured. The period is  9/1/2018 thru 8/31/2019 (good for 2 seasons).

The Spring 2019 Roller Hockey League Registration Process is: 
(i) the Completion of the online Roller Registration including successful payment (the link is at the very bottom of the page and you must be logged in to see it) and 
(ii) the Completion of the USARS Insurance Application via the online site.

The Mandatory USARS Insurance requirement, you must get this for the period of 9/1/2018 thru 8/31/2019

Please click here for online INSURANCE membership (not the MRHL registration):

Once registration confirmed, please print the membership card or PDF it and send it as an email attachment to:

The Programs we offer (which all require the USARS Insurance):

Learn to Skate/LTS ($35) - The registration price includes: a jersey, a minimum of eight (8) half hour sessions and gift/trophy of accomplishment upon completion. There is no minimum or maximum age for this program.  

Mini Crusaders/8u ($70) - The registration price includes: a jersey, a minimum of four (4) half-hour developmental sessions focusing on skating, puck handling and shooting drills with scrimmage games at the end of each session, followed by a minimum of six (6) advanced sessions including real games with young referees and coaches on the rink explaining and imposing the rules of hockey.

Please Note: For LTS and MC it is NOT necessary to order an additional jersey, the kids do not need two. One will be automatically ordered upon registering and is included in the registration fee. Additional jerseys can be ordered for $30 each.

Minors (Ages 7-11), Majors (11-14): $90 includes a minimum of ten (10) game sessions usually scheduled during weekends with 1-2 practice during the week and playoffs. The championship and trophy award ceremony will follow the regular season.

High School Division (Spring Only): $90 - 8-10 games plus playoffs.  All players still attending high school are eligible, and in some case we will allow 7th or 8th graders assuming that they are physically and mentally ready.

Please note that player ability & safety supersedes their age so in some cases players will be asked to play in an older division and in some cases will be allowed to play in a lower division.  The ages are based on the players age @ 12/31/2018 and grade is the current school year grade.


Please direct all questions to  If you need to speak to someone, feel free to reach out to Roxana!

Roxana Damian

League President

Phone: 917-593-3804